The Parish Council has allocated £10,000 in the 2016/17 budget for grant funding. Grants are payments made by the Parish Council to an organisation for a specific purpose to enhance and promote the well being of the local community, either generally or for a specific purpose; and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Parish Council. Each application for a grant will be considered on its own merit. For more details on grants and how to apply for them see the Grant Policy, Guidance notes for applications and the Grant Application form below.

Grant applications are considered by the Finance and Administration Committee and will need to be submitted 14 days prior to the meeting date at which the application will be considered. The full meetings diary can be found here.




Grants Awarded
October 2017 1st Holbrook Brownies To support a young leader taking part in an international programme £300
October 2017 West Sussex Mediation Supporting the cost of free mediation services using local volunteer mediators. £500
October 2017 Cruse West Sussex Area Supporting bereaved adults, young people and children living in North Horsham £500
October 2017 CHAMS Home Start Supporting vulnerable families with young children living in North Horsham £700
June 2017 Jack and Jill Preschool To purchase equipment and furniture to open a second site at Northolmes School £2,000
April 2017 Horsham Town Community Partnership To support the Riverside Walk project £100
April 2017 Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance To provide advance pre-hospital lifesaving care to ill and injured people in the South East of England £2,000
April 2017 Horsham in Bloom Sponsorship of the Allotment competition in the Horsham in Bloom event £400
April 2017 Victim Support To provide emotional and practical support to victims and witnesses of crime £500
December 2016 Roffey Cricket Club Net Extension £374
November 2016 Earles Meadow Conservation Group Equipment & Ongoing Work £575
November 2016 Jack and Jill Pre-School Improvements £2,000
November 2016 Home-start Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex Ongoing Work £1,500
October 2016 Sussex Air Ambulance Ongoing Work £2,500
October 2016 Crawley & Horsham Home-Start Ongoing Work £1,500
October 2016 Roffey Friendship Club Community Well Being £300
September 2016 Holbrook Community Pre-school Running Costs £2,300
September 2016 West Sussex Mediation Service Ongoing Work £400
June 2016 Horsham Town and Community Partnership Celebration Walk £180
June 2016 Age UK Horsham District Information Service £5,000
June 2016 Victim Support Ongoing Work £500
June 2016 West Sussex Mediation Service Sponsorship £400
June 2016 Victim Support Ongoing Work £500
June 2016 Roffey Cricket Club Net Extension £550
April 2016 Aspergers Voice Awareness Event £372
March 2016 Horsham in Bloom Sponsorship £400
February 2016 Horsham Town and Community Partnership Ongoing Work £150
February 2016 Holbrook Community Pre-School Running Costs £2,843
February 2016 Roffey Friendship Group Community Well Being £150
February 2016 Asperger’s Voice Awareness Event £200