About The Area



North Horsham Parish is situated to the north of the growing and thriving market town of Horsham. The Parish is bordered by Forest Neighbourhood Council and Denne Neighbourhood Council in the south and west, Warnham Parish Council in the west, Rusper Parish Council in the north and Colgate Parish Council in the east.

Over the last 50 years there has been considerable change and expansion, but it is still possible to stumble across structures and places that existed over 1,000 years ago. At that stage in our history the land was owned by either the king or the church with important families being their tenants. The area was mainly used for hunting deer and rabbit, which is where the name of Roffey is derived.

The first toll road to Crawley was completed in 1830 followed by the railways in the 1870s. Housing development which started along Crawley Road centred on the Star Inn and the Union Workhouse and Infirmary. The latter has now been turned into stylish residences. Early in the 20th century Roffey became urbanised with 1,000 acres joining the Horsham urban area. Change continued during WW2 when an armaments research establishment was built in Langhurstwood Road.

In 1954 electric street lighting came to North Horsham followed in the 1960’s by an upsurge in house building and the industrial developments around Parsonage Road and Redkiln Way. Until recently Novartis dominated the Parsonage Road area, but that has now made way for mixed housing.

The Parish is predominantly a built up residential area, although there are some exceptional open space areas. A large portion of North Horsham is on the northern side of the A264 and is largely rural in nature although there are plans to build on that space in the future.

New schools were built and community halls can be found in both Roffey (Roffey Millennium Hall) and Holbrook (North Heath Hall and Holbrook Tythe Barn). Holbrook Tythe Barn was an old barn that was reconstructed on site.

There are three main shopping areas in North Horsham: Bartholomew Way, Coltsfoot Drive and Fitzalan Road with numerous small businesses dotted around the parish.

There are several green open spaces in North Horsham Parish. The Parish Council is responsible for Earles Meadow and the open space that runs to Amberley Close along with some play parks.